Operation Matching Pair

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Fantastic project for a gentleman who contacted me regarding a request to make a single earring. 

His girlfriend had a favorite pair of earrings, which she wore everyday for a very long time, but had lost one. She was devastated. He was willing to replace them with a 'new' pair of very similar style, but he just wasn't feeling it. This pair really was her favorite. He went the distance to make sure she had her earrings back!

We made a single earring in as close of a match as absolutely possible. Earring on the left is new, while the earring on the right is the original earring, which is decades old, freshly rhodium plated, polished, and cleaned up to look as new as possible!

Earring made is 18k white gold and .35 ct tw SI G diamonds, to match existing earring.


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